Hadi Mokhtarian talks about his recent photo exhibition in Munich

“Termeh” cultural festival was recently held in Munich, Germany for the third year, with a central theme on “Balouchestan”. This festival included several cultural events including a photo exhibition by Hadi Mokhtarian; an Iranian photo journalist who has previously held several photo exhibitions inside and outside of Iran. His photos cover a broad range of issues: from workers of Alborz Coal Mine in Iran to 33 days of war in Lebanon and Life in Balouchestan, etc.

In a brief interview, he talked about his recent exhibition in Munich.

• How did your Balouchestan photos find a way to Munich cultural festival?

Recently I had an exhibition on behalf of labor children in “Melal Cultural house” in Tehran with a central theme on nature. And before that, there was another exhibition of Balouchestan Photos in “House of Artists”. These recent works led to an invitation to Munich cultural festival. I planned to fund its income in a project for supplying drink water in Balouchestan. My photography project in Baloucehestan was part of an educational program, held by The Society for Defending of Street and Labor Children, in a very deprived area called “Dashtyari”, near Chabahar, Balouchestan.

My camera captured daily life of people who have no access to fresh water and live in absolute poverty.

• Which other events were presented in the festival?

The festival included several events for 10 nights, but except the photo exhibition, none was related to Balouchestan. Mr. Shahram Nazeri performed pieces of music, Mr. Saber Abar presented his book, and Mr. Soheil Nafisi had another music performance, Mrs. Ghazal Shakeri had a performance about Forough Farokhzad.

The festival coordinator was Mr. Keyvan Kamyab that I’d like to have a few words about. Germany is known for excellency in organizing and programming. But Mr Kamyab’s function had no sign of that reputation. With no contract and no commitment to the agreements, I found it nonprofessional.

In fact I was the only attendant who had relevant program about Balouchestan, but at the end, I was the only one who had to pay his return flight ticket, and surprisingly Mr. Kamyab kept some money which was collected from the photos sale.

I was even informed that he has questioned my credit and the way this money was intended to fund, despite my resume, my responsibility in The Society for Defending of Street and Labor Children, and my official offer for designating any possible income to a project for supplying fresh water in Dashtyari, Balouchestan.

Here I’d like to say the whole money which is about 2200 Euros has been delivered to The Society for Defending of Street and Labor Children, for the mentioned project.

I hope to see more qualified and professional coordination for such cultural events in future.

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