The society for defending of street and labor children (Jamiat Defaa) is a non-governmental organization, made up of activists who have been active in the field of children’s rights. The founders of Jamiat Defaa became involved in practical and direct work with children especially street and labor children since 2000. After two years of research and activity with children, they decided to operate independently and without affiliation to any other governmental or non-governmental institution. A request for registration in the ministry of interior was sent on 2001 and the permission for activity was received on 2002.

General purposes of the society for defending of street and labor children:

The purpose of establishing this organization is making effort for complete elimination of child labor, exploitation and all forms of abuse of children and fighting for realization of the rights of children and equal living condition for all children of the world

This target has been defined based on four key principles of human rights of children as follows:

  • Securing the rights and need of children (Provision)
  • Protection of children against exploitation, arbitrary detention and etc. (Protection)
  • Prevention of injuries to children as a duty of the community (Prevention)
  • Participation of children in their own affairs and having the right to comment (Participation)

Targets of the society of defending of street and labor children:

  • Making efforts to eliminate abuse and discrimination against children regardless of their race, sex, religion and etc.
  • Trying to change the society’s view towards children especially street and labor children and redefining their human status
  •  Trying to improve the living condition of children especially labor and street children with the help of society using the resources and authorities (such as social security, family insurances, unemployment insurance and etc.)
  •  Promotion of community awareness regarding children and work-related injuries and their exploitation
  •  Raising the awareness of individuals, family and society in order to use preventive strategies and to prevent children from being drawn to streets and other environments for work

Necessary measures and follow-ups for making guarantee of the goals:

  1. Using social forces and potentials to practically support street and labor children
  2. Activating and following the acts of governmental institutions and organizations
  3. Embedding children and their dependents covered by social insurances (health care, social security, unemployment insurance and etc.)
  4. Using the help of street social workers.
  5. Swift action to identify and attract street children
  6. Trying to promote the society’s view to the human status of labor and street children
  7. Trying to expand the center to work on the above mentioned goals

The immediate plans of the society for defending of street and labor children

The immediate plan of Jamiat Defaa as “supporting-Educational projects for children” is designed to achieved specific objectives:

  • Having a place for children to refer to
  • Concentration of forces and facilities in order to advance social plans and goals of Jamiat Defaa

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Address: No. 53, Matin Street, Zamzam street, Pasgaah Nemat Aabaad
Telephone number: +98 21 55848183
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