Financial Department

Getting to know the financial department

Financial Department Mission

At the heart of our NGO, the Financial Department is dedicated to securing the resources necessary to protect and empower working and street children. Our aim is to:
  • Sustainable Finance: Our approach is to adopt strategic policies that attract financial backing, ensuring we uphold our unique identity and steer clear of the conventional charity model.
  • Global Support: Welcome both domestic and international monetary contributions to bolster our current initiatives and further our NGO’s objectives.
  • Cultural Fundraising: Organize art conferences and cultural showcases as innovative means to gather financial backing.
  • Membership Contributions: Offer our members the option to enhance our efforts through voluntary membership fees (paying the membership fee is optional).
  • In-Kind Support: We welcome donations beyond monetary means, including educational materials and health care assistance, to support the holistic growth of children.
We encourage individuals with visionary ideas and programs that resonate with our NGO’s ethos to join us. Your contribution can significantly influence our capacity to make a meaningful impact.
Resource Mobilization: Harnessing both financial and in-kind contributions is crucial for the effective pursuit of our NGO’s aspirations.