Education Department

Getting to know our department

The Education Department is dedicated to ensuring that every child, particularly those who are working or living on the streets, receives comprehensive and genuinely free education. Here’s an overview of our department’s activities:

Educational Initiatives:

  • Literacy Classes: We establish literacy classes to provide education for working children who have been deprived of this fundamental right.
  • Life Skills Education: We conduct classes that teach practical life skills, addressing real-life challenges faced by working and street children.
  • Advocacy for Free Education: We advocate for the right to free and compulsory education for all children by engaging with social forces and applying pressure on the Ministry of Education.
  • Educational Critique: We critically assess the country’s educational structure and the content of educational textbooks, identifying them as contributing factors to the perpetuation of child labor.
  • Resource Provision: We ensure that all students within our department have access to the necessary supplies and stationery.
  • Community Training: We provide training for social forces to deepen their understanding of the circumstances surrounding working and street children.
  • Family Education: We offer educational programs for the families of working children to foster a better living environment for them.
  • Professional Partnerships: We facilitate communication with technical and vocational centers to provide skill training for working and street children.

Volunteer Engagement:

  • Classroom Leadership: Volunteers with a passion for education are welcome to lead classrooms, special sessions, or skill-based classes as day-to-day activists.
  • Resource Mobilization: Members and volunteers are encouraged to use their personal and collective networks to garner support and resources, furthering the department’s objectives.
Through these efforts, we aim to create an inclusive and supportive educational landscape for all children.