PR Department

The PR department of our NGO plays a crucial role in fostering a dynamic dialogue with the broader community.

Our objectives are:

Engagement: We actively seek to engage the public, drawing their attention and involvement towards the cause of working and street children.
Advocacy: We serve as a voice for the community, articulating the collective views and formal stances on contemporary issues affecting working and street children.
Awareness: Through strategic communication, we aim to raise awareness and inform civil society about the challenges and triumphs in the lives of these children.
Collaboration: We endeavor to build strong partnerships with individuals and organizations alike, uniting efforts to improve the welfare of working and street children.
Our commitment is to ensure that the concerns and rights of these children are not just heard, but acted upon, creating a society that supports and uplifts every child.
The Society for Defending of Street and Labor Children

The Public Relations department of Jamiat Defaa is also committed to: